Asbestos Elimination

" Phase One Asbestos Removal is the leading asbestos removal and remediation company in Frankston. If you're looking for experienced, friendly and professional one on one service for your asbestos removal project. Contact us for today. Asbestos Elimination "Phase Two" The second phase of Asbestos Elimination is Refurbishment. This is when we refurbish your old factory buildings to ensure they can continue to provide a valuable service to their surrounding communities and beyond. We work closely with you and your existing steel mill workers to fully restore the buildings and get them up to modern safety standards. We will also get your asbestos-containing materials and infrastructure tested and certified by an independent agency. Once that testing is complete, we will install the asbestos-removing equipment and dispose of it safely and quickly." "Phase Three" Lastly we will implement a long-term maintenance program with a focus on identifying and addressing the key issues that will need to be addressed over the next few years as well as how we can reduce future risks. In this regard, this plan will outline the current operations of the asbestos crusher machines, detail all relevant information about asbestos-related products, give us a good look at future asbestos legislation and policy and give us an assessment of what other work needs to be done within and outside of the asbestos plant manufacturing facility. So, what's that all about? Asbestos Frankston is a leading asbestos removal & recycling company in the region with a very strong track record in the delivery of asbestos disposal, removal, recycling and protection of employees and the community. Please contact us for a free no obligation asbestos removal quote or asbestos training and asbestos inspection and report today."