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Coastal Headache Clinic

If you suffer from severe headaches, it can be very painful and even cause stiff neck and spine. You may also suffer from associated leg pain. This may cause changes in your personality and your family members might even notice it. If you are in search of a headache treatment that works, you can visit Coastal Headache Clinic. There are numerous benefits to seeking treatment here and the clinic is backed by scientific research. You can get expert advice and treatment from a trained professional.

You Can Get Expert Advice And Treatment From A Trained Professional

The Coastal Headache Clinic in Australia offers treatment for migraines and other headache conditions. Treatments offered include Botox, medication, and daily migraine prevention. The clinic is known for its personalized treatment and compassionate care. Located in Sunshine Coast, it is a convenient option for treating headache and migraine. The clinic also offers a free 15 minute consultation over the phone. You can book an appointment at a convenient time for you and your loved one.

The clinic’s head doctor, Lawrence Robbins, is a recognized leader in the field of headache care. He is one of the nation’s leading experts in refractory headaches. He has written more than any other headache expert and has spearheaded cutting-edge research. In addition, he recognized the connection between headaches and depression and has advanced treatments for this. There is also a comprehensive¬†clinic for other headache disorders, including ADD/ADHD and fibromyalgia.

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