Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

In the movie “Sutherland Shire”, a young girl who witnesses a shooting has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. When she comes to, she has nightmares and is too scared to go to school on the weekends. She has problems with her grades because she gets so upset over things, such as the fact that her best friend is getting a new boyfriend and she doesn’t like it, Endeavour Wellness Psychology. This causes her to miss out on many things in her life, which results in a poor work record at school and a short life span overall. Other people deal with PTSD in different ways, but there are some symptoms that are shared by most of them: nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety about something that happened in the past, and constant thoughts about the incident that caused the fear.

How many people suffer Traumatic Stress?

It’s hard to tell how many people suffer from PTSD because so many of them don’t talk about their problems. Many people with PTSD take care of their symptoms and live perfectly normal lives. Others don’t talk about their problems or seek treatment and their mental health worsens with every passing year. Those who suffer from the disorder need to take care of themselves and take care of the people around them so that they can continue to live normal lives and enjoy their time here on earth.

If you believe you or a person that may be suffering from this disorder, you can take steps to get help today by going to your nearest mental health facility or by talking to your doctor about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. There are many support groups out there for those who are dealing with this problem, and there are also many hospitals that offer counseling services as well. No one should live a life with constant worry and fear, which is why many people are seeking out treatments to make sure that they don’t have to.

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