Timber Floor Sanding – The Process

What exactly is timber floor sanding? It refers to the process of removing the upper most unwanted sections of a timber floor by use of mechanical tools. In most cases, the entire process of timber floor sanding will involve three key stages. This includes first, preparation, sanding, and finally coating with a final protective layer. Any good quality sanding machine will be capable of providing a similar service to one that does not provide a finish.

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timber floor sanding

As mentioned previously, the first stage of timber floor sanding will involve preparation. This will involve any necessary cleanup, including any surface dust and dirt. The use of an air compressor or dust extractor can help to accomplish this, as can a power sprayer. Any dirt that is successfully removed will be deposited upon the new wooden floor, reducing its appearance in the process.

Once all of the pre-preparation work has been completed, it will be time to move onto the actual sanding of the timber floor. Depending on the type of wood and the supplier, this may be done manually, electronically, or chemically. All of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so in order to better understand the requirements for your particular timber floor, it is recommended that you consult with a professional in the industry. Most manufacturers will provide a range of advice services, whether by phone, email or in person. If they are unable to answer a question, then it is always worth contacting other manufacturers or suppliers for assistance.

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